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A Brief Note On The War Against Terror - 908 Words

I started interpreter job in 2001, however I moved to other positions with the US military in 2006. After that I have worked in different capacities. In total I have worked for more than a decade with the US forces and NATO. I have been part of many countering terrorism/insurgents missions with the US marine, army and special forces around Afghanistan. It was not free of risk, I have survived half a dozen attempts and attacks. Many of my fellow interpreter died and wounded in front line of combat. Death in the combat is an honor and pride, because it is for a cause and in the war against terror. But recently dozens of Afghan interpreters and their family members died by the Taliban in their home and villages. I cam to the US in 26th March 2014 through the Special Immigration Visa, because of my service for the US government. It was very lengthy process and it took three years. Lots of paper works and costly medical checkups of 4400 USD in cash. I have booked my own flight and accommodation for myself, my wife and two kids. I did not want to come to the US and to be dependent on social services. I wanted to be independent and I manged that very well. I have obtained visas for numerous countries and US visas as well, but the Special Immigration Visas are the most difficult process, someone may ever go through. After all those months and years when I had the visa, I was not sure, if it was worth of all those days of waiting, spending money and paper works, but upon my arrivalShow MoreRelated`` Peace, And Its Nobleness And Holiness And Honor1305 Words   |  6 Pagesbecause it involves telling the truth.† During World War I, statesmen and politicians propagated the war efforts, asking the men and boys to join the cause and potentially sacrifice their lives for their country. Back in England, war was looked at in the most idealistic light. War was glory. War was honor. War was noble. War was good, and it was right for man to fight. Early in the war, some poets portrayed that rather romanticized version of war. Rupert Brooke spoke about the war’s cleansing abilitiesRead MoreIslamophobia On The Rise Of Islamophobia Essay1470 Words   |  6 Pagesradicals are putting a lot of strain on Muslim relations around the world. HISTORY Islamophobia has been persistent throughout history within Muslim-Christian relations but until the last couple of decades Americans were not exposed to it. Since the terror attacks on September 11, 2001 Islam has been brought into the center of the stage, so to speak. According to the Washington Post â€Å"since 9/11 Anti-Muslim hate crimes are five times more common than before† the September 11th tragedy (Ingraham 2015)Read MoreTerrorism, State Terror And Terrorism Essay2005 Words   |  9 Pagesforms of political terror. Political terror refers to two separate phenomena, state terror and terrorism. The fundamental difference between the two is that the former utilizes violence to legitimize its repressive structure while the latter utilizes it to oppose (and potentially overthrow) an oppressive institution. In order to understand terrorism it is important to first review the different elements of state terror. Different policies can constitute as active forms of state terror such as governmentRead MoreThe War On The World1739 Words   |  7 Pageswarfare. The ability of a states to wage and win wars is what determines the geopolitical pecking order. Those who cannot hope to win wars alone pursue policies and deals that ensure the intervention of more capable states in their defense, should one come about. Domestic policies and cultural developments, as well, are understood as wars: at this very moment, there is a War on Drugs, a War on Terror, a War on Women, a War on Poverty, even an alleged War on Christmas. Indeed, the uneasy peace that existsRead MoreKarl Marx And Marxism1229 Words   |  5 Pagesdomestic phenomenon but occurs between States as well. Lenin also pointed out that since there were only so many colonies available to exploit, the growth of one empire would eventually come at the cost of the growth of a rival, which would lead to war as each country competed for more colonies to exploit. Economics is a dominant factor that brings about change in the world according to Marxism. This is an important distinction from other major theories in international relations, such as realismRead MoreUnited States Involvement With The United Nations1511 Words   |  7 PagesThe United Nations Hassrat A. Chaudry New Dimensions HS Mr. Toy Author Note First Section: The Establishment of the United Nations Second Section: The UN involved in WWII Third Section: The Involvement in the Cold War Fourth Section: Post Cold War (Hubbard,Ben.2017 )The United Nation served few purposes from the beginning of their existence, focusing on the strategy and tactics of the ongoing World War II. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and British Prime Minister Winston ChurchillRead MoreMilitary Science: Irregular Warfare Essay1230 Words   |  5 Pagesdescribed by Galula as ...a protracted struggle conducted methodically, step by step, in order to attain specific intermediate objectives leading finally to the overthrow of the existing order. This definition describes insurgency as a movement against current political order that would require a higher degree of support and more organised forces. These are the features that distinguish insurgency from terrorism. Conventional warfare that is prolonged and resource intensive is not sustainable andRead MoreItaly Is The Poster Child For Anti Terrorism?1285 Words   |  6 Pagesknown for its many attractions, including the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Vatican, and the Co losseum. Considering these attractions, and it’s location, Italy’s ability to avoid the threat that is the ISIS extremist group has other countries taking notes. The Italian Government has succeeded thus far when it comes to not only preventing and countering terrorism, but also avoiding it as well with solutions that have not been anything too extraordinary. Whether they have just lucked out, or their practicesRead MoreControversial Level in Call of Duty Essay1391 Words   |  6 Pagesthese quandaries in the player and not only helps to provide entertainment value, but also allows the player to reflect, if only briefly, on the magnitude of the situation. In this way, the level provides a medium to think critically about the real terrors present in the world, as well as contemplating the emotions associated with such 21st century actions. For this reason, the level elevates the nature of video gaming and provides players with a new entertainment medium to reflect about the currentRead MoreAnalysis Of The Article Grisly Assyrian Record Of Torture And Death By Erika Bleibtreu1674 Words   |  7 PagesThe article â€Å"Grisly Assyrian Reco rd of Torture and Death† by Erika Bleibtreu gives an insight into the ways of the Assyrian military campaigns and battles. During Mesopotamian times, wars were what divided ruling periods. There were many different groups of people that dominated Ancient Mesopotamia, and the Assyrians were one of them. Assyria, a powerful ancient empire, once sprawled across the entirety of the Fertile Crescent. It encompassed land in four modern day countries: Turkey, Iran, Iraq

How to Become a Good Communicator Free Essays

How to become a good communicator? I want to start my topic with the quotation of Antoine de Saint-Exupery: â€Å"There’s only one true luxury, and that is the luxury of human relations†. I think lots of people would agree with this statement because human relations are one of the most important things in our lives. Relations are communication – communication in a family, communication with friends, communication at work and so on. We will write a custom essay sample on How to Become a Good Communicator or any similar topic only for you Order Now I want to emphasize on communication at work because communication in an organization is one of the hardest nuts to crack in business today. Communication has an enormous influence on business, it comes up in every company, every department. The repercussions of not communicating are vast. And it’s clear that face-to-face communication is far more important than any others. It can’t be beaten. That’s why it’s necessary to be a good communicator. Good communicators have always been a valuable asset for any business. When speaking, they are good at giving information. They don’t confuse their listener; they make their points clearly and try to avoid technical terms, abbreviations or jargon. Furthermore, although they may digress and leave the main point, they will not ramble and lose sight of their main message. Good communicators also really listen to people and take in what is said. So, to sum up, I’d like to mention that really effective communicators, who have the ability to engage with colleagues, employees, customers and suppliers, are highly appreciated in business nowadays. In conclusion I’d like to say that good communication is trust to each other and the quotation of Fransua de Laroshfuko proves it: â€Å"Trust helps the conversation much more than intellect†. How to cite How to Become a Good Communicator, Papers

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Jason Leite Essays - Greek Mythology, Birds In Art, Nude Art

Jason Leite Jason Leite British Literature II Dr. Marck Critical Essay #2 Even though certain works are designated to certain periods in time, many works from say, the Victorian period have similar controlling images when compared to works from the Twentieth century. Each writer presents an image that is repeatedly used throughout the work. The same image is used in each work even though they were written during different periods in time. Sometimes, even the location of the image, where it was placed in the text, helps to develop the image within the work. It may be used to convey the writers opinion on the subject but a lot of images are familiar and carry over from generation to generation and are continually discussed in works of literature. The only thing that changes is the way in which it is being presented and discussed. Two works that we have studied this semester that possess similar controlling images are, William Butler Yeatss Leda and the Swan and Robert Brownings Porphyriaa Lover. Both discuss the idea of love gone bad and the suppression of women by men. Starting with the earlier of the two, Porphyrias Lover is a poem written at the end of the 1830s during the Victorian Period in England. How it is categorized with the rest of Brownings poems, Dramatic Romances, tell us that nothing good will result of any love that is to occur in the poem. Porphyria is introduced as the dominant partner with agency, while her lover is reticent and inactive. When the lover suddenly inverses the roles, it appears as if he is achieving some sort of revenge because this woman has manipulated him. Yet the entire time, we only see Porphyria through the eyes of the lover. The speaker uses Porphyria to rationalize his own shortcomings and recasts her as a reflection of himself to help compensate for his weaknesses. The fact that he retains his voice and Porphyria lacks hers puts him in the assertive position. Why is it that such a passionate woman is unable to get a response from the man that she loves? Why is the narrator of this poem unable to respond to his lover when she calls out his name? Is the narrator unable to deal with her intense love for him? Is this why he murders her, is he murdering the entire concept of desire and love? Was their love a forbidden love, and if so, forbidden by whom? It is obvious that even after the murder takes place that the narrator still burns for his love, her cheek once more/ Blushed bright beneath my burning kiss, (47-48) which forces me to believe that there was some deep motivation for the strangling. Perhaps he wanted to keep her weak. He regains his dominance upon strangling her. Also, I find it interesting that the narrator does not get a sign from God even after he commits this crime. Does this imply that God, and perhaps the entire institution of religion supports this act of passion, that it was justified in the eyes of a higher being? By this, Browning may be saying that religion supports male dominance and suppression of female passion. In Leda and the Swan, written during the 1920s, Yeats deals with an ancient Greek myth that Zeus came down from the land of the Gods and basically raped a mortal woman named Leda. According to Yeats, the poem was inspired by the situation of world politics in Ireland. There are several power images within the poem, not only of the swan's initial power in taking Leda, but of a loss of some of that power before the poem ends. At first, overwhelmed by the suddenness of the attack, Leda is held helpless breast upon breast (4), her nape caught in his bill (3). The power and results of this attack continues it effects long afterward as the broken wall, the burning roof and tower (10) of Troy as well as Agamemnon's death are occur there. But the swan, even though it has taken complete control of Leda throughout the entire poem, is not in full mastery of his victim by the end. Leda has put on some of the swan's power before his

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Gender inequality in Canada

Gender inequality in Canada Do you think gender inequality exists in Canada? Why or why not? The term gender describes the physical difference between people. Gender gives an individual personal a trait that the societies commonly attach to as being either of male or female gender. Gender inequality on the other hand is unequal distribution of privileges between men and women in terms of different issues like employment opportunity, wealth, and power position.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Gender inequality in Canada specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Women are the most affected victims of gender inequality and they deserve a top priority among any other group as action to address inequality issues are being put across. Canada is described as a society that lives in denial of the fact that there exist gender inequality issues. The persistence in gender inequities is becoming a major problem as Canadians seem even more confused on issues pertain ing gender and how to address the problem. According to (Naiman 123), although it is certain that men and women have actual differences particularly physically, most of the social indifference perception are not because of the biological connotation but because of the over time cultural practices and beliefs. There exists some kind of gender discrimination in markets as well as in systems of public provision and due to its prevalence presence associated with factors outside the household they are shaping peoples perception about gender inequality. The significance of women unpaid work for their capacity to respond to market signals shows inequality. Gender inequality extends in societies where there exist unequal roles, responsibilities and distribution of resources in the household. This leads to men and women feeling constrained in their response behaviors. What is heterosexism? Heterosexism is predisposition towards people who are heterosexual who include gay, lesbians, bisexuals and the transgender (GLBT) members of the community, the word is commonly used to express societal institutions biasness in wanting people to behave as if they are all heterosexual. Heterosexism firmly embeds the existing customs and traditions of the society. It depicts the ideological system that disgraces any person who is not heterosexual. An individual who claims to be homosexual is usually seen as abnormal because the society believes that only heterosexuals are normal beings. Heterosexism seeks to judge these particular groups of people (GLBT) making them appears as weak, low social status and inferior as compared to the ‘straight’ people. It allows the society to make judgments towards them and deny the homosexuals the same rights and privileges given to the heterosexuals members. What are some key gender issues in contemporary Canada? In the 20th century the Canadian state introduced policies and programs that defined a new form of citizenship in Canada. Women could now vote while human rights legislations protected basic freedoms and prohibited fundamental forms of discrimination. Despite these efforts, there is evidence that there are certain groups of people who are privileged over others.Advertising Looking for essay on gender studies? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Gender role defines the attitude and activities communities believe to best suite different sexes. This is among many issues related to gender. In contemporary Canada context the male is obligated to be an ambitious person and every competitive while his female counterpart is expected to be fragile and emotional. Gender biasness is also experienced in most parts of Canada as many women continue to experience sexual discrimination, unequal treatment, and unfairness. Another gender issue is superiority. Males are perceived as superior beings more competent than women even though there are several instances where by women are equally as intelligent as men this is why they are underrepresented in important professional fields like medicine, engineering and law (Naiman 233). Schools are known to encourage boys to attain good grades in mathematics and science as compared to girls. Canadian government is encouraged to ensure that men and women have equal rights and opportunities in all areas of the economy and the society to achieve a sustainable social and economical development. Work Cited Kuper Island: return to the healing circle. Dir. Welsh Christine and Peter Campbell. Gumboot Production.1998. DVD Naiman Joanne. How Societies Work: Class, Power and Change in a Canadian Context. Winnipeg. Fernwood Pub. 2008. Print

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Why Its Important to Read Beowulf

Why Its Important to Read Beowulf In the film Annie Hall, Diane Keaton confesses to Woody Allen her interest in attending some college classes. Allen is supportive, and has this bit of advice: Just dont take any course where you have to read Beowulf. Yes, its funny; those of us who, by professorial demand, have plowed through books written in other centuries know just what he means. Yet its sad, too, that these ancient masterpieces have come to represent a form of scholastic torture. Why bother anyway? you may ask. Literature isnt history, and I want to know what actually happened, not some story about unrealistic heroes who never existed. However, for anyone truly interested in history, I think there are some valid reasons to bother. Medieval literature is history a piece of evidence from the past. While the stories told in epic poems can rarely be taken for actual fact, everything about them illustrates the way things were at the time they were written. These works were morality pieces as well as adventures. The heroes embodied the ideals to which knights of the times were encouraged to strive, and the villains performed actions they were cautioned against and got their comeuppance in the end. This was especially true of Arthurian tales. We can learn much from examining the ideas people had then of how one ought to behave which, in many ways, are like our own views. Medieval literature also provides modern readers with intriguing clues to life in the Middle Ages. Take, for example, this line from The Alliterative Morte Arthure (a fourteenth-century work by an unknown poet), where the king has ordered his Roman guests to be given the finest accommodations available: In chambers with chimpnees they changen their weedes. At a time when the castle was the height of comfort, and all the castle folk slept in the main hall to be near the fire, individual rooms with heat were signs of great wealth, indeed. Read further in the poem to find what was considered fine food: Pacockes and plovers in platters of gold / Pigges of pork despine that pastured never (piglets and porcupines); and Grete swannes full swithe in silveren chargeours, (platters) / Tartes of Turky, taste whom them likes . . . The poem goes on to describe a sumptuous feast and the finest tableware, all of which knocked the Romans off their feet. The likely popularity of surviving medieval works is another reason to study them. Before they were set to paper these tales were told by hundreds of minstrels in court after court and castle after castle. Half of Europe knew the tales in The Song of Roland or El Cid, and everyone knew at least one Arthurian legend. Compare that to the place in our lives of popular books and films (try to find someone who never saw Star Wars), and it becomes clear that each tale is more than a single thread in the fabric of medieval life. How, then, can we ignore these literary pieces when seeking the truth of history? Perhaps the best reason for reading medieval literature is its atmosphere. When I read Beowulf or Le Morte DArthur, I feel as if I know what it was like to live in those days and to hear a minstrel tell the story of a great hero defeating an evil foe. That in itself is worth the effort. I know what youre thinking: Beowulf is so long I couldnt possibly finish it in this lifetime, especially if I have to learn Old English first. Ah, but fortunately, some heroic scholars in years past have done the hard work for us, and have translated many of these works into modern English. This includes Beowulf! The translation by Francis B. Gummere retains the alliterative style and pacing of the original. And dont feel you have to read every word. I know some traditionalists would wince at this suggestion, but Im suggesting it anyway: try looking for the juicy bits first, then go back to find out more. An example is the scene where the ogre Grendel first visits the kings hall (section II): Found within it the atheling bandasleep after feasting and fearless of sorrow,of human hardship. Unhallowed wight,grim and greedy, he grasped betimes,wrathful, reckless, from resting-places,thirty of the thanes, and thence he rushedfain of his fell spoil, faring homeward,laden with slaughter, his lair to seek. Not quite the dry stuff you imagined, is it? It gets better (and more gruesome, too!). So be as brave as Beowulf, and face the fearsome fables of the past. Perhaps youll find yourself by a roaring fire in a great hall, and hear inside your head a tale told by a troubadour whose alliteration is much better than mine.

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Approaches to Quality Management Discussed here six thought leaders Essay

Approaches to Quality Management Discussed here six thought leaders who had a lasting impact on quality management practices thr - Essay Example The historical backgrounds of quality gurus, development of interests in quality, and their contributions to total quality management are also elaborated. The research used secondary methodology in collecting data. Data collected was analyzed using qualitative data analysis. Key words: total quality management, quality gurus, organization, contributions Introduction to the Topic During the 1960s, concerns about widespread global competitiveness forced most companies to show new interests in total quality management (Goetsch & Davis, 2013). The leading six quality gurus who augmented interests in quality management included Crosby, Deming, Feigenbaum, Ishikawa, Juran and Taguchi. These gurus were active consultants, lecturers, and authors with several years of experience. Most of the quality gurus were at advanced ages and widely influenced the growth of industries through development of distinctive approaches to total quality management. Total quality management philosophy seeks to i ntegrate all organizational functions to focus on meeting customer needs and company objectives (Summers, 2009). Examples of organizational functions include marketing, customer service, engineering, finance, design, and production. It is critical for all organizations to comprehend the contributions of quality gurus and institute their ideas into business operations to enhance performance. Research Methodology The data collection method for this study was secondary methodology. This methodology involved collecting data from already available datasets and researches done by other people. The sources of secondary data the researcher considered include companies’ publications, journals, periodicals and books that have been published under the subject of total quality management. Secondary methodology was advantageous because it helped reduce the costs of research such as finances, time, and facilities. The researcher selected the most recent resources from credible sources such as libraries and websites. The research adopted evaluative research strategy. Evaluative strategy involved assessing systems, theories, and frameworks of total quality management in relation to their effectiveness and outcomes. Data analysis involved comparing the contributions of various quality gurus, identifying their similarities and differences, and forecasting their outcomes. Data was analyzed by reorganizing and refining it to adapt standards of simplicity and understandability. Findings, Analysis and Interpretation Philip Crosby Philip Crosby started his career in industry as an inspector. Later, he became a vice president of quality at ITT. Crosby left ITT in 1979 and founded Philipp Crosby Associates, Inc., and Crosby Quality College that had trained 35,000 managers and executives by 1986 (Summers, 2009). Crosby influenced General Motors; General Motors purchased over 10% of Crosby stock in addition to setting its own Crosby school similar to IBM, Johnson & Johnson and Ch rysler (Besterfield, 2009). Crosby directed his messages to top managers and sought to change their perceptions and attitudes about quality. He spoke of quality as conformance to requirements and made managers to believe that products consistently reproducing its design specifications conformed to standards of high quality. According to Crosby, the goal of quality improvement is achievement of zero-defects. This is achieved through prevention rather